President's Message

Md Mizanur Rahman, MASc, P. Eng.


President’s Message
As an organization, BCAE (Bangladesh Canada Association of Edmonton) has entered its 40th year. I would like to congratulate each and every one of the Bangladeshi community living in Edmonton, AB for celebrating 40th year of excellence of BCAE this year, 2019. Thank You for your great commitment, tireless effort and contribution of your valuable volunteering time towards BCAE for establishing this long proud history of BCAE.

I have always been motivated not only by the greatness of our community members, but also by the challenges we face in our everyday life. As a human being, I am always a dreamer; and I personally encourage each and every one of you to become a good and honest citizen and put your effort to give something back to the society. I strongly believe, if we can overcome our six faults and broaden our mind, we, Bangladeshi community can move forward as a whole and stop all the bad intentions. That’s the dream I would like to sell to our community members.

This year, we would like to get your feedback regarding your expectation from BCAE, accomplishments and challenges of BCAE and how you want to be engaged with this association as well as your obligation to the association. BCAE is your organization; therefore, it will form how you shape it. As the current BCAE president, I would like to see all the BCAE members as volunteers. Let’s do our own part and this will help us a lot to make the events successful.

As you know, BCAE has purchased its own facility (Bangladesh Centre) last year. We are in the process of facility extension and interior renovation. We need your great contribution in this project. Once the project is completed, you can enjoy the multifaceted facilities in the center; such as games, entertainments, exercises, community assembly, Bangla School, Music and Dance Classes, Computer Training etc.

On behalf of the BCAE executive committee, I would like to thank you all for your continued support for the community and we would like everyone to engage in each and every BCAE cultural program and fund-raising activities to strengthen BCAE as a stronger Bangladeshi community organization in Edmonton, Alberta.


Md Mizanur Rahman, MASc, P. Eng. 
President of BCAE 2019